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The trail system at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is truly a rare find. Well over 50 km of hiking trails can be accessed from the Wasaga Nordic & Trail Centre (formerly Blueberry Trails Nordic Centre). You can use the ski trails for your summer hiking pleasure. Linkages to the Ganaraska Hiking Trail are accessible.

Among the highlights of these trails will be your journey through one of the rarest ecosystems in Canada - the pine-oak savannah. This ecosystem is globally imperilled due to development and the lack of natural fires. It is characterized as an open forest of oak and pine intermixed with prairie plants. Plants such as Butterfly Weed, New Jersey Tea, Big Bluestem and Little Bluestem are all species to look for when in these special places. The Pine Trail Guidebook provides more information about pine-oak savannah.

There is no better place in Wasaga Beach to get away from all the activity on the beach front than an enjoyable walk along these trails at the Wasaga Nordic trail system. We'll see you there!

Our trails are in a section of the park known as the Dunes Area. Wasaga Beach's location at the southern end of Georgian Bay is the result of collected sand, which blows in with prevailing winds. Over thousands of years, a large series of sand dunes have developed. Some of the dunes that our trails travel through are over 40 metres tall.

Most people expect to see landscapes reminiscent of the Sahara Desert when they first hear about our dunes and are disappointed when they get here and cannot find them. Our dunes are now covered in forests and meadows making them difficult to see. There are still outcroppings of exposed sand throughout the dunes but large open sand dunes are rare.



Harold Culham Memorial Bicycle Trail


The Town of Wasaga Beach and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, along with the Ganaraska Hiking Club, the Heathly Community Network and a number of i9ndividuals, have arranged for a granite monument to be installed at Schooner Town Heritage Site in memory of Harold Culham, who passed in 2012. The monument will permanently mark the trailhead of the newly dedicated Harold Culham Memorial Bicycle Trail. The Trail dedication took place on June 1st, 2013 on International Trails Day.

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