The non-native genetic strain of Common Reed (Phragmites australis) has established itself along the shoreline of Wasaga Beach Provinical Park. The native strain of Common Reed is also present in southern Ontario. From a conservation perspective, it is important that the native strain is not controlled.

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is committed to identifying occurences of the non-native gentic strain of Common Reed within its management areas and to monitor its spread. We are committed to the reduction and control of Common Reed at Wasaga Beach, while maintaining the ecological integrity of the provincial park. Ontario Parks' commitment to the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act enables the reduction and control of Common Reed along the Wasaga Beach shoreline. It will be virtually impossible to completely and permanently eradicate Common Reed from the park.

If you are interested in further information on what the park is doing in regards to Common Reed please refer to the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park: Action Plan for the non-native genetic strain of Common Reed.

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