Toxicodendron radicans

The variety of ecosystems found at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park are all ideal habitat for Poison Ivy and as such it is a common sight in many different areas of the Park. Characteristics of the plant at are: three leaves with a longer stem on the middle leaf, and greenish-white berries in late summer.

The native plant is an essential part of the ecological integrity of the Park's ecosystems. Over 60 birds rely on the white berries that over-winter on the plants. It is also an important forage food for deer.

Because Poison Ivy contains urishiol oil, a compound that can cause an allergic reaction when exposed to skin, you'll want to avoid disturbing this plant. This is one reason it is important to remain on park trails, keep your pets on a leash, and be aware of what this plant looks like and where it grows. If you think you have come in contact with this plant, it is recommended that you thoroughly wash these areas with dish soap and warm water at the earliest convenience. Please note that oil from the plant will remain on clothing, footwear, and pets and can be transferred to skin.

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