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The Friends of Nancy Island & Wasaga Beach Park are engaged in many stewardship initiatives.  The following is a list of opportunities currently available to groups looking to take a more active role in the stewardship of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park’s natural resources:

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake Monitoring

The Eastern hog-nosed snake is a non-venomous snake that is currently listed as a threatened species in Ontario.  The factors contributing to the decline of the Eastern hog-nosed snake population in Ontario include the loss of habitat, road mortality, and human persecution.  The staff at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park are closely monitoring the Eastern hog-nosed snake population in Wasaga Beach and ask that you report all sightings of this species to the park office at (705) 429-2516.

Dune Resotration via Marram Grass Planting

Park staff, with the help of various volunteer groups, have been actively engaged in planting marram grass to encourage the stabilization of dunes along the waterfront. Once planted, marram grass will contiue to grow as more sand gathers aroud it, making it well suited for the ever-changing dunes system to which it has adapted itself.  Marram grass planting occurs in late autumn when plants are dormant.

If you are interested in more information, or if your group would like to volunteer with a planting, please contact the park office at (705) 429-2516.

Litter Picking

In 2016, over 181,520kg of garbage was collected by park staff on the beach and transported to the local landfill.  Garbage left on the beach is both unsightly and can attract large numbers of unwanted wildlife.  If your group or organization would be interested in organizing a beach clean-up day please contact the park office at (705) 429-2516.  Park staff would be happy to provide you with grabage bags, as well as pick up and dispose of the refuse collected.

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The Friends of Nancy Island Historic Site and Wasaga Beach Park is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to furthering the educational and interpretive programs of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and Nancy Island Historic Site.

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