Exciting Plans for 2017 - Ploverpalooza

During 2017 the Piping Plover 10th anniversary events, entitled Ploverpalooza, are planned to celebrate the success of this endangered species in Wasaga Beach. For more information www.wasagabeachpark.com or www.ploverpalooza.blogspot.ca

Ploverpalooza Festival

June 17th and 18th - Ploverpalooza events during the Waterfront Festival will feature children's activities such as face painting, arts and crafts, bird house building and environmental displays and games. Fun for the whole family on the beachfront - Beach Area 1.


Ploverpalooza Speaker Series

Tuesdays during June - The Ploverpalooza Speaker Series will spread awareness and link together the elements of our festival on topics including birdwatching, creating art, photography and ecological awareness. Tuesdays at 7 pm at Nancy Island Historic Site.


Ploverpalooza Art Workshops

June 17th and 18th - 'Painting Plovers in their Habitat' will be led by talented B.C. wildlife artist Rose Tanner.  The 3 hour afternoon sessions will be held at Nancy Island Historic Site. See Ploverpalooza website for full details.


Piping Plover Biology

Piping Plovers are listed as an endangered species in Canada and is regulated under Ontario's Endangered Species Act. These are shorebirds that may be seen on Wasaga's beachfront which provides excellent habitat for them to nest. In general, plovers nest on wide beaches that have some gravel or cobble cover, little vegetative cover and a large distance from nest site to treeline. Nests placed in sites with little vegetative cover, and at a distance from the treeline provide adult birds with clear visibility over long distances. This nesting behaviour may be the result of a predator avoidance strategy. The presence of shells or cobble may indicate higher ground that is less likely to be flooded and is therefore safer.

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Piping Plovers - 2017 Updates

Spring 2017

Adult Plover Brooding Chicks

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We look forward to the arrival of the plovers from their wintering grounds.  Updates will be provided regularly.

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Piping Plovers 2016

In 2016 Wasaga Beach broke it's nesting records with five nests.  A total of 14 chicks fledged over the summer.  More Info..

Piping Plovers 2015

2015 was the 8th consecutive year that Piping Plovers nested on the shores of Wasaga Beach. Our first plover was sited on April 15. There were four nesting pairs. More Info..

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For more information about Piping Plovers or to volunteer as a Plover Guardian, contact wasagaplover@gmail.com

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