Piping Plovers 2021

April and May 2021 Exciting news!  For the 14th consecutive year Piping Plovers have arrived and set up nesting sites on the shores of Wasaga Beach.  Due to COVID-19 and ongoing restrictions, the Piping Plover Volunteer Program is currently on pause for the 2021...

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Piping Plovers 2020

While the start of the 2020 Piping Plover season was unpredictable, park staff were able to begin their on the ground work in mid-May and were therefore able to continue with the Piping Plover Recovery Program at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park this season.  Due to...

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Piping Plovers 2019

Spring/Summer 2019 September 1 Thank you to all of our Wasaga Beach piping plover volunteers!  All of your hard work is appreciated! Local Update: One of our chicks was presumed missing earlier this season.  It was positively identified on its wintering grounds in...

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Piping Plovers 2018

Early May (c) Jim BeecroftThere are currently four pair of piping plover at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park! To minimize impacts, or limit disturbance, to the birds, perimter fencing has been put in place around the area that the birds are using for feeding, nesting and...

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Piping Plovers 2017

Spring 2017 The 2017 season had three nesting pair at Wasaga Beach, all of which were returning nesting birds.  A total of 10 birds were identified during the spring arrivals. The first pair had a difficult start due to the loss of some early...

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Piping Plovers 2016

In 2016 Wasaga Beach broke it's nesting records with five nests.  A total of 14 chicks fledged over the summer. Piping Plovers Arrive After a successful 2015 season, the piping plovers returned to Wasaga Beach in May 2016 for a 9th season at the park.  Sixteen birds...

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Piping Plovers 2015

2015 was the 8th consecutive year that Piping Plovers nested on the shores of Wasaga Beach. Our first plover was sited on April 15. There were four nesting pairs. Three of those nests have each successfully hatched 10 chicks each, which are actively feeding and growly...

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